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We love to hear from you and guarantee that your email will be replied to within 3 days. We're especially pleased to hear from anyone who feels they might not/do not fit into the lesbian 'scene': maybe you're a 'lipstick' lesbian thrown out of gay venues cause of your long hair, maybe you're married to a man and questioning your sexuality, maybe you're finishing high school or applying for the old age pension - send us an email at,

  Looking..looking You might have guessed this website is still under construction so do feel free to suggest what you would like to see on this page or do send us some pretty pictures...and watch this space!

An Open House facilitator worries about her next choice of topic.
  Queer Idea You've read our website, now take a look at our Zine. A bunch of people got together to contribute stuff - everything a women's mag needs; horoscopes, true stories, un-dieting tips, a reader profile and the obligatory article on Princess Di. Contact
for a copy.

  Amongst the books at the Women's Library Waiting for the discussion to start on yet another Tuesday at Open House.